• Hoi An Rice Farming
    USD 62
    Hoi An Rice Farming

    Everywhere in Vietnam you can see rice. Vietnamese people eat rice everyday in their meals. Rice is part of their life and it reflects the Vietnamese culture. Nowadays, technology is applied widely in producing rice and that helps people less hard. Therefore the old...

  • Scuba diving in Cham island
    USD 65
    Scuba diving in Cham island

    Cu Lao Cham consists of 8 islands. The largest island is the only one to be inhabited and is made up of tropical beaches, wild jungle and authentic fishing villages. This gives you a unique chance to spend part of your vacation off the...

  • Making Lantern Tour In Hoi An
    USD 31
    Making Lantern Tour In Hoi An

    Making Lantern Tour in Hoi An Lantern has become a familiar symbol of Hoi An. Once you visit Hoi An, you can easily see lanterns hung up everywhere in town with colorful colors. Buying a lantern back like a gift is the thing most...

  • Hoi An Vespa Tour- Half Day
    USD 67
    Hoi An Vespa Tour- Half Day

    Join in the classic Vespa Tour, you‘ll get the most comfortable, stylish and authentic tour experience. No where other tour will take you on this scenic adventure by visiting the culture, historical monument, beautiful and peaceful countryside scenery  as well as exploring the rural...

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