Do you provide free pick up?

Yes, we will pick up and drop you off at your hotel in Hoi An. Please provide your hotel address and room number (if available)
Are the tours given in bad weather?
You go, we go! Yes, the tour goes on rain or shine! In the case of rain we will be able to go inside many of the tasting locations and there are other places where we will be able to stay dry.
Are bathrooms available?
Yes, bathrooms are available throughout our tours and events. However, we strongly recommend that you use the facilities before meeting up, so that we can stay on schedule and maximize our tastings!

Are tours and events offered only in English?

Yes, we only offer tours in English at this time. Please contact us or call +84 979 58 74 44 if you would like to make arrangements for your own interpreter to join the tour.


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