Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup or Bun Bo Gio Heo is one of the most famous and delicious noodle soup in Vietnam. This is a wonderful combination within pork knuckle, beef, rice noodle and other spices. It takes hours for stewing bones to get the yamy broth for this food. Let’s try to make  Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup !

Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup

HOW TO COOK: Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup

Ingredients (6-8 servings)

For the stock:

1 kg pork/beef bones

1 kg pork knuckles

1 kg beef shrank

6 stalks of lemongrass

2 tbsp mam ruoc (Vietnamese fermented shrimp paste)

1/4 pineapple

3 small onions (one thinly sliced)

spring onion

Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup


For the pickles:

200g shallots

50g kohlrabi

50g carrots

50g green chili pepper

Peel and dice 200g shallots, kohlrabi, carrot and chili pepper

In a container, add 1 laddle sugar, 2 laddle vinegar, 2 laddle water (122 ratio)

Soak the veggies in the pickling mixture for at least 3 hours.

Dissolve 2tbsp fermented shrimp paste in 300ml cold water and leave for 2 hours


In a small pot, boil knuckles & bones for 10 mins

Wash well with cold water to clean all the impurities

Place the bones to a big pot filled with 5 liter water

Add beef shrank and bring to boil again

Add 2 small onions and 1/4 of a pineapple

Smash 6 stalks lemongrass to release the fragrance. Tie them up and add to the pot.

Skim and remove the scum.

Cook on medium heat for 1 hour


Remove the meat and soak in cold water so that it won’t blacken

Extract the clear broth of the fermented shrimp paste mixture. Leave out the dregs

Add to the pot. Discard the dregs

Season to taste with salt, fish sauce and chicken stock

Top up with coloring oil made from frying annatto seeds

Cut beef and pork to bite size pieces

Beef and pork knuckle noodle soup

In a serving bowl, add thin round rice noodle and meat

Sprinkle with spring onion and thinly sliced onion

Pour the broth over and serve! Don’t forget your pickes!