-Roast medium coarse ground coffee
-Sweetened condensed milk
– Crushed Ice
**Special tool: Vietnamese coffee press

Pour hot water over coffee maker and wipe it dry with a clean towel or kitchen paper. This is to make sure the coffee maker is perfectly clean and we will get the best and purest taste out of the coffee.

In a glass, add in 3-4tsp of sweetened condensed milk.

Add 3-4tsp of ground coffee to the base of coffee press. Shake it gently to spead the coffee evenly.
Then depending on the model, either screw or press the interior press against the coffee grinds. Don’t press 100% tight, about 85% tight is good enough.

Pour boiling water into the coffee press 2 times, the first time with about a tbsp of water, cover the lid and wait 30secs to let the coffee grinds absorb the water and expand.
Then fill with hot water again, but not too full. Cover the lid.

It will drip really slowly.

If you want to drink warm coffee, place the glass into a bowl of warm water.

After 6-7 mins the coffee stops dripping. You can set your coffee maker on top of its overturned lid to prevent dripping onto the table.

Stir well and pour to a glass of crushed ice.

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