Vietnam is among the countries that have the most delighting food in the world. Different areas in Vietnam bring you different experiences about the food since Vietnamese culinary tradition differs from region to region. In this article, we take you to get closer to the food in the south of Vietnam, typically Sai Gon.

While the food of the north is heavily influenced by China with its stir-fries and noodle-based soups, there is more flavor-blending in the food of the south with nearby Thailand and Cambodia. The hot weather of the South make its people don’t want to eat very spicy food like in the Central. However, the tropical climate in the south bring it advantages in growing lots of kinds of fruits and herbs. As a result, the food in southern Vietnam is typically sweet. People tend to add more sugar into the food, coconut cream/milk is also used a lot in adding more flavors. If you are traveling or are going to travel to Sai Gon, the list of food below will show you what and where to try most of the delicious food in Sai Gon. All are amazing!

1. Snails

Add: Ốc Đào at 212 Nguyen Trai street, District 1 or Ốc Gái at 82 Hung Vuong street, District 10

1. Ốc

2. Goat hot pot – Roasted goat

Add: Tri Kỷ restaurant at 236 Le Van Sy street or Lâm Ký restaurant at 47 Nguyen Thi Nho street.

2. lẩu dê

3. Mudskipper hot pot

Add: Mưa Rừng restaurant, Ba Huyen Thanh Quan  street

3. lẩu cá kèo

4.  Nam Bo Pancake

Add: Banh xeo Ba Hai at 64 Nguyen Trong Tien, Phu Nhuan district.

4. Bánh xèo Nam Bộ

5. Violet glutinous rice

Add: Xôi lá chuối at 83A 3/2 street, Ward 11, District 10.

5. Xôi nếp cẩm

6. Mixed rice paper

Add: Nguyen Thuong Hien street, District 3

6. Bánh tráng trộn

7. Grilled cake

Add: Thanh Da stone jetty

7. bánh tráng nướng

8. Broken rice

Add: Ba Ghiền restaurant at 84 Dang Van Ngu or Cơm Tấm Đêm at 251 Cao Dat street

8. Cơm tấm

9. Pha Lau – Vietnamese stew with organ meat

Add: Chú Ba at Duong Dinh Nghe street, 92B/20Bis, Ton That Thuyet street or 200/20 Xom Chieu street

9. Phá lẩu

10. Deep-fried rice cake

Add: Bột chiên Đại Thành at 277 Vo Van Tan street, District 3.

10. Bột chiên

11. Rice porridge with pig’s tripe

Add: Cháo lòng Tiều at 51/33 Cao Thang street, District 3.

11. Cháo lòng

12. Chinese noodle and dumplings soup

Add: Ha Ton Quyen street, District 11

12. Mì sủi cảo

13. Deep-fried fish balls

Add: 90 Suong Nguyet Anh street. District 1

13. Cá viên chiên

14. Grilled skewers/kabobs

Add: Trung Son area

14. Xiên nướng

15. Noodle/ hot pot with fermented fish sauce

Add: Lẩu mắm Nam Bộ at 94A Cao Thanh street, District 1.

15. Bún mắm - lẩu mắm

16. Bánh tằm bì – Vietnamese rice noodles in coconut cream

Add:  370 – 459B Hai Ba Trung street, Ward 8, District 3.

16. bánh tằm bì

17. Bánh ống lá dứa – glutious rice and tapioca cake with coconut and pandan leaf juice

Add: At the corner of Nguyen Trai and Nguyen Van Cu street; or at the corner of Phan Dinh Phung and Phan Dang Luu street

17. Bánh ống lá dứa

18. Mì kéo sợi – Mì hoành thành xá xíu or Wonton noodles with pork

Add: Khải Lý at 116 -118 Ha Ton Quyen street, District 11

18. Mì kéo sợi - Mì hoành thánh xá xíu

19. Young papaya salad with dried beef

Add: Le Van Tam park

19. Gỏi đu đủ khô bò

20. Stewed beef

Add: Bò kho P.T.T at 08 Au DUong Lan, Ward 3, Diistrict 8.

20. Bò kho

21. Noodles with grilled pork

Add: ba Tám restaurant at 299 Vo Van Tan, District 3

21. Bún thịt nướng

22. Trang Bang wet rice paper with pork and vegetables

Add: Hoang Ty restaurant at 70 -72 Vo Van Tan street, District 3

22. Bánh tráng Trảng Bàng

23. Cu Chi steer

Add: Co Tranh restaurant at 22 Nguyen Thi Dieu, District 3

23. Bò tơ Củ Chi

24. Fresh spring roll

Add: Cô Hà restaurant at 7 Nguyen Tri Phuong street, District 5

24. Gỏi cuốn

25. Bò pía – Popiah

Add: 280 An Duong Vuong street,  in front of the gate of Pedagogic University

25. Bò pía

26. Chè- sweet soup

Add: Khánh Vy restaurant at the corner of Sư Vạn Hạnh street and Nguyễn Chí Thanh street, District 5

26. Chè

27. Ginseng juice

Add: 124 Le Hong Phong street, Districr 5

27. Nước sâm

28. Thick noodle soup with crab

Add: Nguyen Tri Phuong market

28. Bánh canh cua

29. Goat curry

Add: Musa restaurant at Block B,  Su Van Hanh tenement, District 5

29. Cà ri dê

30. Beefsteak 

Add: Nam Son restaurant at 157 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, District 3

30. beefsteak

31. Phnom Penh clear rice noodle soup

Add: Lien Hua restaurant at 312 An Duong Vuong street

31. hủ tiếu Nam Vang

32. Rice porridge

Add: 211 Hai Thuong Lan Ong street, Ward 13, District 5

32. Cháo trắng

33. Duck salad

Add: Thu Nga restaurant at 108 Binh Quoi, ward 27, Binh Thanh district

33. Gỏi vịt

34. Grilled banana and sticky rice

Add: 115b Tran Dinh Xu street, District 1

34. Chuối nếp nướng

35. Roasted snakehead fish in Vietnamese style

Add: Lang nuong Nam Bo at 546 Cach Mang Thang 8 street, District 3

35. cá lóc nướng trui

36. Simmered duck in Chinese style

Add: Lương Ký Mì Gia restaurant at Huynh Tinh Cua street, Ward 9, Binh Thanh district

36. Mì vịt tiềm

37. Banh mi/ bread with meat

Add: Huynh Hoa restaurant at 26 Le Thi Rieng, Ben Thanh, District 1

37. Bánh mì thịt

38. Sticky rice

Add: Xôi Tám Cẩu at the corner of Dien Bien Phu and Cao Thang street, District 3.

38. Xôi mặn

39. Deep fried quail with butter

Add: Cô Năm shop at 54 Dong Nai street, ward 15, District 10

39. Cút chiên bơ

40. Grilled beef in piper lolot

Add: Phan Xich Long – Phan Dang Luu, Phu Nhuan district

40. Bò nướng lá lốt

41. Noodle soup with climbing perch 

Add: Hải Tứ Quý restaurant at 235 Nguyen Trai street, Nguyen Cu Trinh ward, District 1

41. Bún cá rô đồng

Photos by: Hoàng Khải.

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