What if I am a Vegetarian? What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

For Vegetarians, yes! Please let us know ahead of time by including a message with your purchase, and we’ll be able to make arrangements for vegetarian options during the tour. If we know in advance, we will do our best to make appropriate substitutions for you on the tours

How much food is served on the tours?
Over the course of the tour you will be enjoying at least 5 tasting locations, 8 delicious samples which is equivalent to a very large-sized lunch or dinner. You will not leave hungry we promise.
What types of foods are served?
Hoian Local Food tour focuses on street food; dishes that most people outside of Vietnam have never had a chance to experience…..so no Cao Lau, Quang Noodle, white rose and you cannot find it in any Hoi An restaurants
Are there any beverages served?
There is water (sparkling and natural) served, sugar cane, 1 beer, and sweet soup.
Should I eat anything before coming?
We recommend that you eat a light meal before joining us for the tours. The amount of food on the tours is significant enough that many people delay or skip dinner afterwards.


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