For the majority of International travellers, trying food from a different country or culture is one of the most exciting aspects of visiting a different country and Hoi An is no exception, Just remember to be adventures and write down the names of the food you like, so you can order it on your return home!!

Hoi An food is a one of the most delicious styles of food in Vietnam, its style and taste shares slight similarities with its near neighbours (China, Japan) yet the food of Hoi An is distinct and original. Hoi An supplies a far superior cuisine than any other city

So what are the foods Hoian-tourism recommends trying on a trip to Hoian?


Café 43
Add: Trần Cao Vân St

wheretoeatlocalfood1This is a little local café, a favourite haunt of many of the non-Vietnamese residents in Hoi An. Cheap, great food. Highly recommend the vegetarian hot pot (60,000VND), it’s not on the menu, so ask the owners. It is a generous serve for two people. Also ask for some instant noodles. This hot pot comes with tofu, vegies and salad which you roll up yourself in rice paper rolls. (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)
Thien Quoc – Vegetarian Restaurant
130 Tran Cao Van St

This has to be the cheapest vegan eatery in the world! The food is 100% vegan and most meals are 10,000 VND (around 30 cents). You can get rice with fresh cooked veggies or a bowl of pho (noodle soup), Cao Lau and other local dishes. Most come with faux meats, so don’t be scared to eat them, it’s typically textured vegetable protein or a variation on tofu. They also serve fresh soy milk which is wonderfully nutty in flavour. (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)

Hai Scout Cafe
Add: 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc St
The atmosphere of the café is very pleasant and there is enough space to roam around. The size of the restaurant is also huge. There are three separate eating areas in the Hai Scout Café, Hoi An. One is the indoor courtyard and the other is the outdoor courtyard. Some of the special dishes that are popular in this restaurant are White Rose, Cau Lau, Wonton, Chi Ma phu and many other attractive dishes.
Miss Ly Cafeteria
Add: 22 Nguyen Hue St
The restaurant is specially known for the local dishes such as Wonton, Quang Nam Noodle, White rose, Chi Ma Phu, Dumpling, Banh It La Gai, Fukien noodle, Suse cake, Cao Lau, Corn sweet soup and so on. However, the most famous dishes in this restaurant are the fried won tons, Cao Lau. The Hoanh Thanh Chien is also a popular dish among the local people. It is in fact a rice pastry, which contains meat, onion, shrimp and some other tasty items


Cafe des Amis
Add: 52 Bach Dang St.- Hoi An,
Phone: (84-510) 3861 616
Set along the river near the market, this is a “world famous” place serving very good food. They actually give a set menu, and you have a choice of seafood or a vegetarian menu, price is VND 40,000. The owner will come in the restaurant and explain dishes and show you his book with recommendations from visitors, as well as articles about his restaurants.

White Rose Original Restaurant – Bong Hong Trang
Add: 533 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An.
For four generations, the Tran family has developed local delicacies. Great grandfather Tran invented the white rose. The grandfather added fried wantons & the mother, developed the sweet & sour sauce to cover them. Today they still serve only these two dishes. Other restaurants might sell them, but this is where they are made. $4 gets you both! This is a must for any visitor to Hoi An.

Street vendors
The following vendors wander the streets of Hoi An selling their food, which should not be viewed as inedible or dubious in any way – it’s all fabulous food which we eat nearly every day and have not had any tummy problems with. (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)

Mr. Popcorn Man
You will hear Mr Popcorn Man before you see him. Listen out for a Happy Birthday instrumental soundtrack. Then you will see him with his mobile popcorn making cart, strung with inflatable toys. The pop corn is warm, made on the spot, and drizzled with his secret caramel sauce. Bags range from 2000-5000 VND, depending on how much of a tourist you look like! (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)

xi ma

Mr. Banh Bao
Mr. Banh Bao’s cart features the best of disco music, and they are the real tracks, not remakes! So you can eat your Banh Bao and have a groove at the same time. Banh Bao is a steamed sweet bread dumpling traditionally filled with pork and vegies or other meat concoctions. Vegetarian Banh Bao are denoted with an orange dot on top. If you are around town for a few days, let the vendor know and place an order for the next day. Be sure to go back and buy your order though, as they will make it up especially for you. Pay around 3000VND per banh. (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)

Mrs Tofu Desert
This little lady is a little more difficult to locate as she calls out her product in Vietnamese as she walks around the streets of Hoi An. She carries her portable restaurant on her shoulders and sets up shop wherever she finds a customer. It is a silken tofu desert, slightly sweet with a thin caramel sauce and grated ginger on top. You eat it on the spot and return the bowl to her. She charges only 2000VND, no matter who you are. (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)

Mrs. Crème Café
This is a wonderful desert cart selling jelly-type triangles and a Vietnamese spin on the crème caramel. Instead, you get a custard topped with a thin coffee sauce. The jellies are multi-flavoured and multi-colour. Deserts range from 2000-5000VND. (Source: Jadeleonard’s blog)

If you are a food lover and want a safe way to try HoiAn Street food, Hoian local food tour is a great initiation. You will discover plenty of great stalls and really get a feel of the area and its food history – all accompanied by a friendly English-speaking guide who is willing to answer any questions related to Hoian food, history and culture. Most of foods are not available in restaurant. The tours run every afternoon for four hours (4.00 pm- 8.00 pm)