Add: 9 Nguyen Thai Hoc – Hoi An.

Hoi An Traditional Handicraft keeps an incredible collection of traditional handicrafts. You will find all kinds of arts and crafts from hand woven sleeping mats, textile, pottery and lacquer ware. The Vietnamese art forms, including contemporary artistic creations can be found here.


The house is more than 200 years old. Phi Yen, who was a very prominent Chinese merchant, was the owner of this house. The best part about the House of Hoi An Traditional Handicraft is that you can see the making of the beautiful art forms in front of your eyes.

The House of Hoi An Traditional Handicraft has an atmosphere of a traditional Vietnamese village in which these artists create magic. And if you want to join in at some stage of the creation of this magic, then you are most welcome!

You also get a chance to buy some of the creations as souvenirs for your loved ones. The special attraction of the House of Hoi An Traditional Handicraft is the traditional art shows. These art shows feature artistic creations from Quang Nam and Central province. You could be a part of the shows, which take place at 10:15 am every day apart from sunday. So don?t go on a Sunday, you will miss the fun!