The fishing Village Thanh Nam (also called Con Chai) is shaped by the beautiful Thu Bon River. Fishermen have come here for the longest time to cast their nets and catch prawns, crabs and fish. The fishing village is still active nowadays, even with the appearance of modern fishing ships going to far fishing areas in the East Sea. The village is just 3Km away from Hoi An ancient town and it can be accessed by boat and bicycle.


Visitors can stay and work with the accommodating local people and learn how to catch fish in the traditional way of this area. They will experience the daily life of a typical fisherman, learn how to lift the big fishing net out of the water and how to use the little round boat “THÚNG CHAI” to get fish out to the net.

Visiting the Fishing Village is an unforgettable and enriching experience for visitors, especially for those who live in modern skyscraper cities and are eager to experience a completely different lifestyle for a while, no mater how short or long they decide it to be.