Since it?s only 3 km away from Hoi An ancient town, tourists will find it is very convenient to travel by land or river from Hoi An to here. Located in a 50 hectares river islet, Thuan Tinh looks like a buoy floating in the lower section of Thu Bon river. Thuan Tinh is a typical ecological tourism zone in Hoi An town, where tourists will enjoy the poetic natural landscapes.

thuan tinh

Under the green willow forests howling in the wind, tourists can row a boat on the river, take part in the folk games, go fishing, watch water puppet performance, or contemplate handicrafts and fine arts displayed in the ancient houses built in the typical Vietnamese countryside style. Tourists can also go camping, enjoy reading, have a lovely picnic under the shadow of tree leaves, or relax in the bungalows well-equipped with facilities.


Especially, one thing you must try before you go is to see magic turning table in Thuan Tinh. Basically, it is a jackfruit wood table but can follow the “order” of human. Just simple put your hand on the table and think that it will turn right or turn left, fast, slow, or stop depend on the human mind. This event until now has not explained well by scientists. Just know, this table has been recorded in the most strange things show in Viet Nam.


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