One of Vietnam’s most famous home-grown arts is the making of water puppets. This ancient art originated from the farmers who worked on the paddy fields in the countryside. During times of flooding, the farmers would entertain themselves and their families by performing water puppet shows out in the fields.


Today, this performance art has been taken into the theatres and regular shows are put on for visitors. The show lasts for about an hour and is very enjoyable. In some ways, it’s kind of surreal to watch as it’s all performed in Vietnamese to the accompaniment of traditional music, so unless you understand the language, you cannot really follow what’s happening during the show. But that shouldn’t distract you from the show itself, which contains numerous detailed puppets cleverly controlled by the puppeteers behind the scenes. Even though you cannot follow the storyline, you can still be entertained just by watching the action.

Detail information

  • Time: 2 shows per day at 9:30 am & 15:00 pm
  • The amount of time” 60 minutes/ show
  • Price: 10.000 VND/ Vietnamese/ Show and 15.000 VND/ Foreign/ show
  • Please contact: Thuan Tinh Eco- Tourism Zone Cam Thanh – Hoi An
  • Tel: ( 84-510) 3.863873

Chores of Water Puppets