Hoi An is best known for its custom clothing trade and is the multitude of tailor shops. You might have a nice outfit just in several days or hours with a reasonable price. You will find an array of different colours, patterns, textures & quality of fabric.

Tailors and dressmakers often display their own designs at the front of their shops, which they are happy to duplicate in your size, shape, and colour preferences. They can also copy any design. Store tables are often littered with major catalogues, recent fashion magazines; Shoppers can bring in existing clothing pieces and have tailors duplicate them. However, the shops find jeans particularly difficult to make.


Here are some tips to help you shop…

Seek recommendations- Talking to travellers who have already made purchases and had positive experiences is the absolute best way to know where to go and where to avoid.
Be Realistic – it’s best to arrive with specifics in mind. Elaborate descriptions from memory are usually lost in translation. The tailors of Hoi An will try to make whatever you ask for, but they can’t work miracles. The happiest shopper in Hoi An is the most prepared shopper in Hoi An

Allow enough time-It is not wise to wait until the last day of your vacation to indulge in a shopping spree. The designs often have to be altered and re-altered in order to get a perfect fit.
Eye for Quality: Quality can vary greatly from store to store. Some shops carry better quality fabric to others. Look for the best fabrics instead of the lowest price.

Your attention to detail is the key. Because items are made quickly, tailors may often miss a seam, hem an item too high, or forget a button. Make sure to check each piece before you make a final purchase.
Tips For Shopping Cloths In Hoi An-3Be prepared to bargain. Some tailors offer bigger discounts the more you buy. It’s important to settle on costs up front and agree to them in writing and get a receipt to avoid disputes later. Also, be sure the tailor is using the best exchange rate. It’s okay to refigure it using the exchange rate that’s posted at banks and go from there.

Remember this is a business transaction – Having all the money. You are in a great position to haggle; however, if you haggle too hard, you will get stiffed on quality. The highest quality available represents fantastic value for money. We suggest you insist on quality instead of penny-pinching.

edited clothes shop
Quick notes:

Dress: starting at $30
Skirt: $12-$35
Shirt: starting at $15
Pants: starting at $8
Suits: $80 to $125
Shop Around
Seek recommendations
Allow enough time
Eye for Quality
Bring a Photo
Bring clothes
Be Realistic
2 or 3 Fittings
Be prepared to bargain
Here are our recommendations

Cay Me Shop 2/6 Le Loi

Good luck, and enjoy your new wardrobe!

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