The original name for Vietnamese Husband and Wife cake is Phu The cake, which means husband and wife. The conjugal cake is normally served at Vietnamese weddings and used as a wedding invitation, or taken by the man’s family to the woman’s family on engagement day. The stickiness of the cake is said to signify the stickiness of the marriage ties. Traditionally, a guy would offer these to the girl he wants to marry. Now these cakes are still an essential part of a wedding banquet, or the gift packages that the groom’s family sends over to the bride’s family.

Vietnamese Husband and Wife cake

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Vietnamese Husband and Wife cake is a special cake which symbolizes the loyalty of a husband and wife…

Vietnamese Husband and Wife cake


Vietnamese Husband and Wife cake  is a Vietnamese sweet with a jelly-like texture made of tapioca flour, bean paste, sugar, sesame seeds and coconut milk. It is truly unique, with a leaf covering made from coconut leaves.

Vietnamese Husband and Wife cake

The skin is made by grinding and filtering large-sized grain glutinous rice to retrieve the starch. The starch of this rice will be mixed with scraped green papaya and soaked in the juice of the fruit of Cape jasmine, which makes the skin both crispy and glutinous and gives it a light yellow color.

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