Pork leg is a popular material for  Vietnamese to make  many dishes such as braised leg with black beans, noodle soup with pork leg and beef, pork leg rice porridge etc. This is a nutritious food, reduce stress anxiety for couples getting married. pork nourishing effect. Black beans are also very good, tends to lower the heat, detoxification, kidney and more effective pain relief. 

giò hầm Braised leg with black beans

Braised leg with black beans

Where to eat Braised leg with black beans?

People in Hoi An Acient Town love Braised black with beans on the sidewalk at a street corner Thai version (Hoi An), often referred to Ms. Le Thi Be (70 years old) is “Sister of Braised leg “because she has more than 50 years of senior sales braised black with beans in this peaceful old town.

We went to her place in the afternoon two rained heavily. Braised pot of steaming black beans. Just draw rolls sold to customers, she just smiled Two talk: ” I sold braised black with beans since the country is not peaceful. When I am 18, I married, the husband’s mother passed for cooking. Few years, the Husband’s mother passed away. I successors braised shoulder of mother-to pitch. The job is hard, but being a time scale trafficking and smoothly. How much cooking this much sold out, no slack in size. “

1 am , She make black bean stew pot of water and to get to the market to take pork leg at 2 am. 5am moving sidewalk sale to customers until the afternoon. When people do not know much about Hoi An braised shoulder of her, she began carrying double shoulder braised walk across the road, large and small, but the brand “her braised ” are familiar with customers she moved through selling at a fixed point on the Thai version. Ask any of the people any of the old town are just leading them exactly where she was two and braised shoulder “located”.


giò hầm1 Braised leg with black beans

Braised leg with black beans

Also thanks for braised shoulder that during the last ten years raising her two children with a husband full year. Two of her five children have been into the school and set up business in the big city. The husband was sick all year, how much money burden dinner jacket rice are poured onto her shoulders with two pairs braised basket. “In peace after a bowl of braised beans only 500 VND, wash the cover tui enough for a small family going to school culture. The time pitch, I have fully fledged, I still continue to sell this braised it enough for me to survive three days “- she sharing.

How to make Braised pork leg with black beans?


  • 1 in front of pork leg about 1.5kg
  • 100g black beans, red apples, 50g, 200g chestnut
  • Spices: salt, pepper, sugar
  • Purple onion, minced garlic
  • Onions, cilantro, fish sauce
  • 1 coconut
  • Processing:
  • Pork leg shaved, washed, beat out the foundation. Galangal crushed, juiced.
  • Chop large pieces of about 200g. Marinated minced garlic. For 20 minutes to infuse.
  • Dried onion peeled tubers leave. Black beans soaked bloom, rinse, remove the drain. Fresh peeled chestnut, red apple blossom soaked.

đậu đen Braised leg with black beans


Black bean

How to cook?

Put the pan on a stove, the oil in fried pork leg.
Picked foot rolls coconut water into a saucepan, cook the black beans on low heat for tender is to chestnut, red apples, cook for the next nine ingredients are.

Mix with additional fish sauce, pepper, red onion.

Ladle into bowl leg rolls, add cilantro. Serve hot with rice.

Cutting materials regularly beautiful, black water, soft jelly rolls legs, the other ingredients are tender, sweet aroma and bold. Water and the same.

Note !

With legs braised dish of black beans, pork leg cooking time is just software: 45 minutes

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