It is a simple yet super delicious recipe with squids and fresh herbs called “Goi muc”. The dish utilizes fish sauce and a wide range of herbs for its delicacy.

How to make squid salad

Ingredients: (4 plates)

1kg squid, 4 onions,

100g mint leaves, 100g spring onion and 100g cilantro

3-5 chilies, 2 clove garlic, ginger, lime

Sesame crackers

To prepare squid:

Discard the hard quill inside and the head, but keep the tentacles. Peel off the colored skin.

Smash a piece of ginger and put into a pot together with the squid.

Cover the lid and “steam” without water over medium heat for 10 mins

Drain the steamed squid, let cool slightly and cut into rings

Salad dressing:

In a mortar and pestle, crush garlic, ginger and chili to a rough texture

Add 4tbsp sugar, 4tbsp fish sauce and 4tbsp lime juice (1:1:1 ratio). Mix well

Cut the spring onion into 2 inch long pieces. Cut the mint leaves and cilantro into 1 inch long pieces

Slide onions thinly and soak in cold water for 10 mins, then drain

In a mixing bowl, toss the squid with the half of the dressing and let marinate for 5 minutes

Then add all fresh greens and mix well with the rest of the dressing.

“Grill” a sesame cracker in the microwave for 1min each side


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