1. Peaceful and relaxing city

Hoi An is the perfect place to break your journey midway through Vietnam. Hoi An is very different than cities like Ha Noi or Saigon. It is a very peaceful & relaxing city and has a more cozy feeling to it. It’s not touristy places. You don’t have vendors trying to bug you to sell you stuff.

2. Safest destination

Hoi An has been named one of the 10 best cities for travelling in Asia by Smart Travel Asia. It’s safest destination in Viet Nam and friendly people. There are no motorbikes weaving in and out of the sidewalks or in the streets.

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3. Beautiful beach.

It is a pristine beach, white sands with lapping waves. Walking through the white sand of the beach is awesome. The environment is very peaceful and relaxing. The beach is well known for its great seafood and various other food items.

4. Three world heritage sites around

Three world Heritage sites are around Hoi An: Hue Imperial citadel, My Son ruin Temples, Phong Nha Cave

13. My SOn SAnctuary

5. Old world ambience

Hoi An retains an old world ambience and a rich historical quality. Hoi An has the fusion of international culture, especially the blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, French and Japanese.

6. Tailor-made customised clothes

Tailor-made customised clothes in Hoi An. Hoi An is a shoppers’ heaven where you can find tailor shops everywhere on the streets. The tailors of Hoi An are extremely talented, you can choose any design of clothes or shoes, select your material, and within 2/3 days you have a perfect fitting, carbon copy for significantly less than you would pay at home!

7. Cheap

It is really CHEAP by Western standards. From accommodations, souvenirs to food. With 1 USD, you can enjoy a lunch by local food.

8. Fullmoon festival

Many festivals and events throughout the year particularly Hoi An fullmoon festival and lantern festival. There will be a celebration of some form or other on every month of the year, which is enjoyed by the whole population.

30. Vu Lan day

9. Lots of activities to explore

There are plent of fun and exciting activities in Hoi An if you know where to look for it. You may joint Vietnamese cooking class, become a farmer in one day and be a tourist fisherman. They will bring to you an unique experience and remarkable trip in Viet Nam

10. Amazing food

Highly Vietnamese standards, cheap and tasty. There are three dishes that you must try before you leave are: Cao lầu, White rose (banh bao vac) and Banh Beo.

Our Transfer Services in Hoi An

  • Da Nang Airport- Hoi An Hotels: 17 USD/ 1 way
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  • Hoi An- Marble Mountain- My Khe Beach- Cham Museum- Hoi An: 45 USD
  • Da Nang Airport- Marble Mountain- My Khe Beach- Hoi An: 35 USD
  • Hoi An- Hue city: 70 USD/1 way. Stop Hai Van Pass, Lang Co Beach
  • Hoi An- My Lai Massacre: 75 USD

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