I never forget the first tour when  launching Hoianfoodtour. Although we are the best tourguides from Hoianfreetour with good skills and experiences, all off us were nervous. Oh it’s so fun,  our guests are the same age with us: Tuan Nguyen, Anna, Gieoseo and we love dancing, singing, traveling… You guys were so friendly and…talkative! Anna, you are pretty girl with beautiful smile. Tuan Nguyen (a monk)- you said that without hair, you not worry about shampoo haha. Giseob, you are  so humorous. We took the Vietnam Food Challenge – Balut. Look at your face :))) Anna was really a brave girl, you can eat all thing in balut yum yum. But Giseob- how terrible you try!!! We also had fun moment with Vietnamese and American games on the beach. It was unlucky day for you, Giseob,  you were always loser . The saddest part of our trip to Hoi An was having to say goodbye to our new friends. Thank for your feedbacks and your hearts, you guys. They made us better day by day. Keep in touch, our dears!


Nice friends from Korea


First Tour from Tour Guide Van

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