White Rose is one of Hoi An’s specialties.  So do you want to know where to eat white rose in Hoian ?  The little white roses are made from translucent white dough which is filled with spiced minced shrimp or pork, and bunched up to look like little white roses. The recipe for these darling little dumplings, banh bao vac, is a secret held by Tran Tuan Ngai

White Rose Dumplings is made by one family who makes them for all the restaurants in town Where to eat white rose in Hoian

Unique White Rose

Known locally as Banh Bao Vac, the name ‘white rose’ was apparently given by the French. When examining the Vietnamese dish closely it’s easy to see how they came up with the name as the outer section certainly could resemble flower petals.

White Rose dumplings are a a specialty of Hoi An and cannot find them anywhere else. It is said that if visitors have not eaten White Rose dumplings they have not yet enjoyed the taste of the ancient town

White Rose

The dumplings are made from two small 2″ rounds of rice paper with a small spoonful of meat or shrimp filling in the center. When the rice paper is steamed, the edges get soft and chewy and warp a little, making the dumpling look like a white flower.

Ingredients such as shrimp and pork are placed on top the carefully folded noodles and topped with crispy shallot. The unique dipping sauce is made of shrimp broth, hot chilies, lemon and sugar.
Water must be drowned from the old Ba Le well, which is filtered and purified 15-20 times before being mixed with the rice paste to form airy dough.

Where to eat white rose in Hoian

The recipe for these dumplings is secret, held by one family in Hoi An who supplies all the restaurants. At 533 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tran Tuan Ngai is a third generation secret keeper of the traditional white rose recipe.
You can try white rose at any restaurants in Hoi An

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