Spring roll

I have a lot of friends coming to the big city to study. You know, they usually rent the room in the quiet place so that they can focus on their study but for me, it is extremely opposite. I usually choose the place that near some stores or restaurants so that I can enjoynew dishes. I love cooking and love trying something new to cook because my mom said that a good wife is the person who can cook delicious food for her family and I really want to become a good wife after I get married (just kidding). Near my room has a restaurant which is very famous and sell almost delicious dishes. And one of them is spring roll. Now I will introduce this dish for you. Hope that it will make your day.

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You know, this dish is one of the popular snacks of Da Nang City. And almost local people here usually enjoy this dish in the evening after hard working day because it is not only cheap but also delicious and delightful. Especially, spring roll is an offering at traditional celebrations in areas of Vietnam.
I am sure that now you are very curious about this dish and want to know how to enjoy spring roll, right? Firstly I will tell you about the ingredients. You know, the fillings of spring rolls include vermicelli, minced meet, mushroom, and spring onion. These fillings are wrapped in a layer of popiah spring roll pastry and then fried until the color of spring rolls turn into yellow.A spring roll is only 4-5cm in length, quite tiny, and crispy.
We have a lot of different ways to enjoy the spring rolls but the popular way is to wrap them in green mustard leaves and some papaya pickles. The combination of the aroma of spring rolls and the spiciness of mustard greens is perfect. I am sure that you will never forget the taste of this dish at the first time you enjoy. It is an absolutely delightful dish that can satisfy every taste at the first time.
Do you want to try now? I hope that you will take time and try at least one time when you come to Vietnam to visit. You can learn how to make this dish at the restaurantand when you come back to your country, let’s cook for your family, friends and relatives also. I strongly believe that they will admire you because after a long journey you get a lot of experiences.
Here are some recommendations that you can visit and enjoy the spring roll:
• 60 Thái Phiên street.
• 110 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng street.
You don’t worry about the price because it is very suitable for everyone. It just costs 30 000 VND per 10 rolls. Okay, that is all I have for you guys today, see you soon for the next dish.

You, guys take care and have a great day.

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