Tips when traveling in Vietnam

tips when traveling in Vietnam, vietnam travel tip, travel guide

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Before you travel to Viet Nam, I am pretty sure you go on the Internet, do the researching on Google then read, read and read a lot about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do in Viet Nam. Today, in this blog I would like to give you some tips when traveling in Vietnam. Whatever, just go and enjoy your holiday – best travel advice. Go with open mind. You will have great time in not only Viet Nam but also in any cities around the world.

I would like to write this blog for my friends around the world who want to travel in Viet Nam and for YOU who is reading this.

Tips when traveling in Vietnam – Should:

– You should greet people in their native language which is “Xin Chao!” for “Hello!”. Always use “Thank you” which is “Cam on!”. Say thank you with your head bent when you get something from older people. It shows how much you respect them and how grateful you feel.

– You should decide first if you want to travel north to south or south to north. It could help you save time and money.

– Hand things to older people and take things from them by both hands.

tips when traveling in Vietnam,  vietnam travel guide, travel tip

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– You should always take off your shoes when you enter someone’s house. It’s extremely impolite to walk into a room with your shoes on.

– If you want to enjoy your meals as much as you can and in a real local way, learn how to eat with chopsticks before going to Vietnam. Some local restaurants and food stalls have no forks for you to use.

– Before venturing out from your hotel, ensure you have a hotel business card from the reception desk. This will make your return to the hotel in a taxi or cyclo much easier.

– When you enter the church, temple or any other holy or spiritual places, you should dress smartly and modestly. You should cover your breast, legs and arms as most of locals are very conservative.

– You should always have in mind the roughly price you would pay for a taxi, hotel or food, because Vietnamese are likely to make the price much higher once you decide to get in without knowing. When being at markets, try to get prices down, often you get the stuff up to 30% cheaper.

– Always keep your receipt when you do some shopping or park your bike, motorbike, car. Your shopping basket will be checked after you pay for it. Getting the motorbike, car, bike from the parking places without the ticket is almost impossible or in troublesome situation.

– Be open for new things, it can expand your horizon. For example, when you are in a market and you see some strange food, don’t be shy. Try it, it may be a Vietnamese delicacy and maybe you like it after the tasting.

– When you walk around parks or lakes in cities, young students come to you and ask if you can talk a bit in English with them. Don’t be afraid, spend some time with them and talk about your travelling, your life in your home country, or ask them about their studying or about Vietnam. They will be very happy. You then have chance to know more about local life and have more friends.

Tips when traveling in Vietnam – Should not:

– Never taking photos of people without asking. Just imagine how would you feel if everyone takes a photo of you. Ask them if you can take a photo. Most of Vietnamese are friendly and they will say yes.

– When you go on holiday with your partner, even when you love each other so much and want to show it, keep it low. You should not kiss in public, come so close to each other or do things which is inappropriate. Because in Viet Nam’s culture it’s not common to show your love to your partner in public.

tips when traveling in Vietnam, travel tip, vietnam travel guide

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– Shouldn’t rush people since they don’t like it. They take their time and there is no rush for them. If you have to wait 10 minutes for your coffee, just deal with it, don’t scream or show how unsatisfied you are because people take things slow and easy here in Vietnam.

– You shouldn’t rush as you cross the streets. Just be aware of where you can cross and the surroundings. The tip is: stick to locals and go slowly.

– You should not lose your temper in public, particularly when you are negotiating a bargain at the market. It is considered a serious loss of face for both parties if there is a flict. In all situations, you are strongly advised to maintain a courteous and happy demeanor. If you treat everybody well, you will be well-treated in return.

Finally switch off your phone, laptop,… Just take your bag and enjoy moments in Viet Nam.